Accoustic Enclosures


Metal Cabinet Sales offer a range of fit for purpose acoustic enclosures, from modular panel to panel bolted constructions, panel in bolted framework constructions and one piece drop over units. Each enclosure is individually designed to meet our client’s unique noise requirements, and can be configured into most spaces.

Suitable for heavy-duty applications our enclosures are packed using, high-density mineral wool or acoustic foam. They are designed to incorporate acoustic doors, windows and access panels and designed to optimise location, access and acoustic flow of noisy equipment or machinery.


Features of Acoustic Enclosures:

- Custom Designs.
- Rockwool 50, 75 and 100mm 45-60kg/m3.
- Acoustic foam of varying densities to suit the application.
- Modular construction to allow large units to be shipped flat packed and constructed on site.
- Various finishes: Pre galvanized self colour, powder coated or stainless steel.
- Weatherproof. 

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